4Story Review 2017

Eventy 08/14/17

Dear heroes of Iberia,

Years ago a young warrior wondered how his continent was created.
He visited the libraries of the great soldiers and mages to find a history book where he might find an answer. He was surrounded by magic formulas and recipes of magic tinctures, but he wasn’t able to find the answer he was looking for. The young warrior was disappointed and wanted to leave the library. Suddenly an old woman appeared and whispered ‘Ask them’. She took his hand and whispered again ‘Ask them, they know the answer.' The old woman vanished again as quickly as she had appeared.

The young warrior didn’t know who the woman was talking about. But one moment later he had an idea and realised who she meant. He ran out of the library full of hope and happiness. He left the town and went to the mountain valley. From the valley, he climbed the mountains, arriving at the village of Yarsk where there were very few shops, and only a few were open the whole year round. Whom is he seeking?

Well, when it comes to down to history, there is only one shop. For years, history has been developed thanks to their hard work. These are the stories developed by well-known heroes and deleted by other well-known heroes.
Last year they showed their passion with the “4Story Community Project 2016”. Their passion is still burning today. After a long period of silence, they are now back with a new project. Have a look and be amazed:

With the 4Story Review 2017

-> [Link]

Visit the homepage to get more details Iberia-Records.com

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